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Hi, this is a little bit about me - aka Recipe Rose. I've been cooking meals for my own and extended family for over thirty-five years.  My first memories of having an interest in all things culinary include once when I was twelve years old. I asked dad to pick up cognac to prepare a special chicken dinner; my family knew it was a sign of good things to come.


Now I take gourmet dishes and turn them into user-friendly additive free feasts.  My formal training includes an internationally recognized wine tasting course and so I sometimes recommend wine pairings with my recipes.

Why an additive free recipe website?

That's a good question, so here's the answer; please excuse that it's a tad long. When I go to restaurants it takes even longer for me to figure out what I can eat. If it's a fast food place, forget it, I can't have a single item on the menu. Yes, I'm that customer wait staff hate.


Here's the why I can't eat or drink it list:

Lactose intolerant - that's why I use lactose free milk in any recipe that requires milk.


Raw onions allergy, cooked are fine, raw my stomach says no way, get out. Green onions are also fine.


Lately I've found that if I have something plastic vacuum packed, I get incredibly nauseated and vomiting has been known to occur. Sucks when you're at a high end restaurant - things that are sous vide do it too. When you think about it, we know that drinking water from plastic bottles can put toxins in your system - so why the hell are people cooking with it!


I'm prone to migraines and I have experienced mini strokes from aspartame. Other migraine triggers include orange cheese, food preservatives, such as nitrates, nitrites and other modified ingredients such as milk or corn and yeast extract.

I pass out, literally if I have MSG. Hydrolyzed yeast extract does the same thing.

I also have fibromyalgia and I'm a type one diabetic. Yup, mother nature threw me a curve ball when she knitted my dna together.

One of the biggest triggers for my fibromyalgia is gluten. I avoid it for the most part and most of my recipes use rice flour for an alternate to wheat for thickening, coating or baking choice. Rice flour actually makes for a wonderfully crispy coating on chicken or fish when fried. I have been known to cheat if it's just to have a bite of something terribly decadent at a higher end restaurant, like a molten chocolate souffle. 

Other more positive tidbits about me, cause with all of that other crap, I strive to find healthy ways to be positive and enjoy life - I'm a children's book author under the pen name Iggy Snit and I'm a working screenwriter. Adamas of Hickorytick Forest is illustrated by the fabulously talented artist Jannica Sophia Porcu.

I used to front a blues band under the name Blue Rose and still sometimes sit in at jams with some of my talented friends. Music, it's a good thing :)


I hold a Bachelor of Media Arts with a major in integrated media; this site is a way for me to mix my love of writing, food, and media.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on food, recipes or if you have recipe requests.

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Home Milk Delivery
Red Onion
Large Water Container
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