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Remember that rotisserie chicken you

picked up at the grocery store yesterday

for dinner?  Remove the meat and fat

and you have the basis for a fantastic

chicken soup stock. 


Actually, the basis for many a great

soup, including stone, but that’s

another story.


  • One chicken carcass, either store bought or your own roasted

  • One large onion cut in quarters; yellow, red, white or Spanish doesn’t really matter

  • Two stalks of celery cut into roughly 2 inch pieces

  • A couple of carrots cut into roughly 2 inch pieces

  • A few sprigs of fresh savory or a tablespoon of dried

  • One generous tablespoon of kosher sea salt

  • Five cloves of garlic – just give them a whack with a wide knife on the cutting board

  • Cracked green peppercorn, if you don’t have green black will do

Bring a large soup pot of water to a boil add all of the ingredients and return to a rolling boil.  Let simmer for a couple of hours until reduced by a quarter.  Strain stock into a large wide bowl for cooling and place in the refrigerator.  Ready to use in your next soup recipe or freeze for later use.

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