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You may be asking how a great wine

can help to protect the ozone.

Responsible, sustainable, earth-friendly

practices, that is how.

Fetzer makes wonderful wines using

exactly those practices.

To quote Barney Fetzer "What's

good for the earth is good for the


This simple recipe just requires a few ingredients and a commitment to taste and baste. For your wine choice try a fruit forward Fetzer Valley Oaks pinot grigio.

    • 1 roasting chicken, about 3 to 5 pounds
    • 1/4 cup melted butter
    • Salt and pepper
    • 2 teaspoon crushed fennel seed
    • 2 oranges, cut in quarters
    • 1 cup Minute Maid orange guava passion fruit juice (all real, no artificial     flavours or colours)
    • Six or seven large cloves of garlic
    • One white onion cut into large pieces
    • Hungarian paprika
    • 1 cup off dry white wine.

Citrus fruits marry beautifully with the licorice flavor from ground fennel seed. For a more intense flavor toast the seeds in a heavy pan and crush the seeds yourself with a pestle and mortar.

Brush chicken with butter; season with salt, don’t forget the cavity.
Sprinkle the breast with pepper and paprika.
Stuff the orange quarters, garlic and onion pieces into the chicken cavity.


Place in roaster and into oven preheated to 375°.

Don’t forget to thoroughly wash and disinfect all surfaces and hands. In keeping with the friendly to environment theme here, try a non-chlorine bleach to wipe down surfaces.

After twenty minutes turn the oven down to 325°, mix the wine and juice together and gently pour over the chicken. During the roasting process, around every twenty minutes, pull up those juices from the bottom of the pan and drizzle them over the breast. This will help to give it a dark golden crisp skin.


After two hours a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh should produce a temperature of 175°F to 180°F and juices should run clear when chicken is pierced with a fork. Remove chicken from the pan.

By now you and everyone in a close proximity will be drooling and asking when is dinner being served. You will have to let them know it will be another fifteen minutes so you can let the juices run back into the chicken keeping it succulent and moist.


Try serving with roasted Yukon gold potatoes, baby carrots with steamed green beans.

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